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Mass Effect: redemption. comic series related to ME2

Mass Effect: redemption. comic series related to ME2

Postby twistedblister » Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:57 pm

ok wore the game out. rock solid action rpg. but when your done there is not much left to do. i still think fallout 3 gives you somthing to do by letting you wander the wastelands. i cant play it right now. keeps crashing on my ps3 who knows why

any way.

mass effect redemption number 1

pretty solid seems to be setting up some story lines from just before the game. art is solid story probably seems like it will adhere to the games plot line which is not awful in and of itself. story is solid and pretty mature for a comic considering the target audience. overall pretty happy with the first book hope the rest keep the quality up.

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